Outdated Educational Policy

The world is changing constantly. This is a simple axiom that every person understands, but for some strange reason, organizations seem to forget about it completely. As a result, they start identifying with the process of operation, instead of the outcome that they should actually aim for. In the case of educational institutions, this results in their inabilities to welcome innovation. Their outdated policies lower the quality of knowledge students can obtain. This has a vast negative effect on society as a whole.

Educational institutions today are mainly focused on filling their classrooms instead of increasing the quality of education they provide. Unfortunately, they are so strongly set in their ways that they reject innovation on principle, citing the efficiency of the current system that has been used for many years. There is no denying the fact that it has indeed been extremely efficient when it was developed. The problem is that many of the educational techniques used today were invented during the Middle Ages. Considering the sheer amount of changes that have occurred since those times, the belief that these methods can still be the most effective ones is unreasonable.

These outdated policies make people avoid public education. The situation in the private sector is marginally better. However, it is not available to many families because of the costs involved. As a result, we have a nation that is rather poorly educated, and the situation is getting worse every year. This inability to change and evolve exhibited by numerous educational establishments created a hole in the market, as many parents started to look for alternative educational options for their children.

Recently established online schools are struggling to fill this hole. Unlike the traditional establishments, these educational institutions strive to cater to the individual needs of every child. Their schedules and workloads are adjusted to ensure that every student can work at their personal pace. When a lesson plan is developed to meet the educational needs of one individual instead of a whole class of children, the efficiency of the lesson will increase tenfold. The biggest drawback of this new educational system is the lack of socializing with peers. This aspect of traditional school education is often overlooked, but it is extremely important. Online schools cannot meet this particular need, but there are special socializing programs and real-life activity plans developed by the most progressive of them.v

The current educational system is run by outdated educational policies. This inability to change with the times threatens its survival, as more and more parents seek alternate educational opportunities for their children. Online schools offer this opportunity. Though, they still have a long way to go.