How To Tackle Your Writing Assignments Using Essay Examples

There is no better way to help improve your academic writing than to use other examples as helpful guides.

Where can I find examples?

So, how do you tackle your writing assignments using essay examples? Well, first off, you need to know where to find those examples! Your first port of call should be the archive of your campus library. There will be plenty of past student papers for you to look at there. The other best place to find samples is on the internet; but make sure that you look on renowned educational websites- after all, the last thing you need is to be stuck studying a bad example!

What should I be taking note of?

When studying other essay samples, it is important to know what to look for so that you can apply it to your own writing. Here are the sorts of things you should be looking out for:

  • How does the writer tackle the topic they have chosen? How have they broken it down? How have they crafted the title? How well have they conveyed their points to the reader?
  • How do they tackle the research that have they included? How has this been woven into the text? Could there be more or less source references?
  • Are they catching the reader’s attention?
  • How well does the essay flow?
  • How have they handled sentence, paragraph and chapter structure?
  • How have they tackled the introduction?
  • How have they tackled the conclusion?
  • Be sure to check out relevant essay types.

Of course different writing assignments will have different agendas and requirements, so remember to find essay examples for each different type. Essays can be: comparative, descriptive, research based, reflective etc. –so be sure to study the relevant ones and see how they have tackled the requirements of that specific type of essay.


The more samples you study in general, the better informed you will be for when it comes to writing your own, but as helpful as using these examples as a guide is, you should not just adopt the style of one or two that take your fancy! The purpose of studying others is to hone your own writing abilities, so always remember to have an original and fresh way of writing. If you can combine that with the expertise you have learnt from studying the examples, you are bound to end up with winning assignments!