Buying College Essays - A Well-Kept Secret

Buying college essays online aren’t a well-kept secret. If there is a job to be done, there’s a service for it online and the tediousness of writing essays aren’t exempt from this statement. Even before the internet became a big deal you could buy an essay from a classmate, a student at another school, or even pay another student to write your essay for you.

Local Purchasing

Local purchasing is a more direct way of getting college essays. You don’t need to scrounge around online looking for someone legit to do your paper. Most people will know what student or person can write a good paper and turn it in to you in a speedy manner. Normally local writers charge less than online writers—especially if it’s not one of their main sources of income or they’re starting out. The other upside to these writers is that they can be negotiated with.

Local purchasing has been around for an extremely long time. You could find writers in some phonebooks, campus papers, newspapers, and so on. Straddling the fence between online and local purchasing are those who can be found on the online classified sites by the city.

Online Purchasing

Online purchasing allows for some anonymity between the contractor and the client and has been around as long as there has been email. This form of essay writing service comes in two flavors:

  • Freelancers
  • Specialized sites

With freelancers pricing is far easier to negotiate and the client has the power in that business relationship. The client holds the money until work is done to their liking in most cases—when not using a classified site—and in the case of freelancing sites, the client can grade a contractor. Grading a contractor favorably or unfavorably can affect their image on that site. This can turn away or bring in more clients—so the clients have the power there.
With specialized essay writing sites, the power lies with the contractor. The client hands over the money first, fill out a form, and wait for their work to be done within a time window. They have a hand in the editing process, but overall it’s the contractor with the power.