5 tips for writing a great abortion argument essay

If you’ve been given the dreaded assignment of writing an argumentative essay on abortion then these five tips will help ensure your success. Ultimately, you hope to receive an A on your assignment. You also want to present the side of the argument you feel strongest about.

The Five Tips

  1. Use emotion to bring your reader to your side
  2. Tell stories to illustrate your point
  3. Reference facts wherever possible to add impact to your argument
  4. Avoid openly stating that the opposing argument is incorrect
  5. Avoid openly stating your personal opinion

Using Emotion in Your Essay

This is an essay in which you want the reader to firmly agree with your stance after reading your essay. You need to bring out his or her emotion in order to do this. There are several techniques to do this, but the best is story telling.

Tell Stories to Illustrate Your Point

People have been sharing stories since our earliest recorded history. It is a completely natural way for us to process information. Tell stories that demonstrate your argument and you will have an easier time convincing your reader that your side is correct.

Reference Facts Often

The more frequently you reference statistics and facts the more likely you are to convince even the most adamant opposition that your argument is correct. Facts can’t be argued against. They are plain and simply true. Use them to your advantage.

Avoid Directly Claiming the Opposing View is Wrong

This will make your argument feel weak. It needs to stand on its own feet. If you openly state that the opposing view is incorrect it will cause your reader to view everything you say with skepticism. This isn’t a schoolyard argument. This is an argumentative essay that will help persuade your reader that your position is correct. Let it stand on its own merit and you will succeed.

Avoid Openly Stating Your Own Opinion

You are the author of the entire essay. It will be clear to your reader that this is how you feel. If you use statements such as “I feel…” or “I think…” it will shroud your entire essay in self-doubt. Of course you think and feel those things. That’s why you’re making the argument you’ve chosen.

Follow these tips and your abortion argument essay will be absolutely phenomenal and you’ll earn the grade you deserve.