A series of wars that took place in what is known as the Middle East today is called the Crusades. Such wars lasted for years as they became a historical staple in this part of the world. During this time it is believed Muslims captured the town of Jerusalem. This area is considered a sacred element for Christians and those who believe Jesus Christ was crucified here. A special dome was built named the Dome of Rock that was important to the Muslims and their faith. The Christians were not too pleased about the Muslims taking over in Jerusalem; this conflict is said to have lasted over 100 years.

Unfortunately, it seems as if elements of the past wars have stuck around today as this same area of the world still sees a period of unrest and conflict. The Crusades started years ago around 1096. It is believed there were Eight Crusades with the last one ending around the year of 1270. On average each crusade lasted several years and each seemed to have unique purposes. With periods of unrest some wondered what the point in fighting over land was. Researchers believe there was minimal fighting but other actions sacrificed due to disagreements and limitations.

The Crusades did have some good come from the situation. People were able to obtain goods such as food, household items and ideas to further develop their land and societies. This area became known for their quality of coffee, rice and spices. People learned how to make household goods such as carpets, paper and mattresses. It is believed a number of things we take for granted today came from this era such as chemistry, algebra and chess. The Crusades influenced development of buildings such as castles and the areas that surrounded them.

Some wonder if the Crusades ever truly came to an end. Trading in the area became a concern and it was costly to continue the conflict. It is believe a few governmental processes were developed at this time to help establish taxes to pay for essential funding. Some details about this era are still sketchy but few feel there is more to learn than what is known today. It is interesting to see among the fighting and disagreements that innovative ideas and concepts were developed. A few still wonder how and why this area continues to see unrest that looks as if it should have been solved years ago.