Argumentative Term Paper Writing Guideline

There are some instructors who put argumentative papers in the same category as persuasive essays. Although they are similar, argument papers have a much stronger claim and can provide more evidence to the readers. In order to write an argumentative assignment you will need to collect enough evidence, making sure that your position is well-reasoned and on a debatable issue. If you are questioning whether or not your subject matter is debatable, verify it with your thesis.

Consider the following as you're writing. What would the opposing reader say and how can it be addressed throughout the essay? Make sure that you are basing your argument on educational writing instead of something that can be argued against, such as cultural standards or traditions. It's most important that you are doing quality research. The argument that you are making should also be very specific and your stance should be firm. This is one of the few times that you should have a clear understanding of both sides of the debate so that you can argue against the opposing argument in a concrete manner.

Addressing the Opposing Argument

By acknowledging the opposing side of your paper you will be able to illustrate a deeper understanding of the topic and write about your lack of bias. This increases the trust between you and your audience. Provide yourself with the opportunity to strongly argue against opposition. You can strengthen your essay by telling the readers why this reasoning is incorrect or bias. Although you do not want to belittle these concerns, you will want to lead to a valid conclusion.

In order to do this correctly you will need to put yourself in the opposition's shoes. Have a deeper understanding of where they are coming from. Consider why a reader might disagree with the points you're making and why they would respond or feel so strongly about it. You can use utilize your imagination and pretend that you are having an actual argument with someone in regards to this topic. This might also provide you with more incite.

It's your job to think very carefully about your audience and understand some of the strong influences forming their position. After doing so, you can collect the facts and evidence that you need and then refute the points that are strongly against your point of view. You should have an appropriate structure throughout your writing and make sure that it defends your evidence within each section.

What to Remember while Writing

Make sure that you are establishing the correct facts and support your argument fully. Also, clear up any misconceptions with this topic in your writing for the sake of your audience. Structure it and make the sequence clear - this will strengthen your persuasion as well. If it helps you, you can write the questions out in your own words and consider the opposing questions while doing topic research. Clear up prejudices in the argument and value facts because they are the strongest pieces of information within an argumentative essay.