Hard Essays Topics to Write

When you are first assigned an essay to write you may think that it is hard no matter what the subject is. The truth is that any topic is just as hard to write as you make it. If you approach it with the attitude that you don’t want to do this and that it is hard then it will be difficult. If however, you approach it with a positive attitude and a willing to try then you will find that no matter the subject it is actually very simple.

Another thing that might help you is if you break it down into workable parts. For example, let’s say that you have a week to write the essay. We will make daily goals that are easy to keep with the end goal being a written paper. I will show you how now.

Day 1

Today is the day you were assigned an essay. Use this day to come up with a topic for it and to narrow that topic down to a fine, workable topic.

Day 2

Today you will take your topic and come up with a thesis statement for it. This should be what you hope to prove in the course of your research.

Day 3

Today you will write the outline for your essay. Each bullet point should be a point that you will make on your essay. An effective outline will be done in such a way that when your research is complete it will be just as easy as filling in the blanks.

Day 4

Today is research day. Research each of the bullet points in your outline one at a time. Take copious notes and be sure to write down each source that you used.

Day 5

Today you will take all of your research and incorporate it into your outline. Make each sentence have meaning and not just be filler to meet a length requirement.

Day 6

Today you will take what you wrote yesterday and proofread it checking for things like spelling and grammatical errors. Correct the mistakes and make a clean version. Save it to your hard drive and print out a hard copy to turn in.

Day 7

Turn it in.

As you can see, by breaking it down into manageable bites you can get this accomplished with ease regardless of whether or not the topic seems hard.