Who Can Help Me With Writing My Research Paper

The first person that you need to ask for help is your tutor or professor. They have had the experience of helping their students through the process of writing research papers and they have the added experience of writing research papers themselves. So they are very well qualified to help you. Your tutor or professor also know the criteria that you need to work to because they have set the work. Other benefits include:

  • Helping you to formulate your research proposal.
  • Suggesting ways that you can improve your work.
  • Suggest ideas that can enhance your project.
  • Listen to any difficulties that you may be experiencing and offer solutions.
  • They can offer support and guidelines but they will not do your work for you.

If you feel that you may need more support then your tutor or professor can give you. Your next line of support would come in the form of an online tutor. To find an online tutor check out a reputable company that employs tutors that can offer you support in your area of study (that they actually have qualifications in your field of study) and they have experience of not just writing their own research paper but have experience of supporting students through the research writing process. It is also helpful if your online tutor shares the same first language as you there is no misinterpretation as to instructions or directions. The tutor will be able to guide you, instruct you and generally proofread and edit your work. This obviously comes at a cost, and you need to make sure of what is covered by the fee. Some online tutoring companies will quote you the basic tutoring cost and then anything else like proofreading and editing will come at an additional cost.

In the worst case scenario, where you have run out of time and cannot complete your work yourself you may consider an online writing service. Costs vary depending on how soon you want your work. If you need your research paper produced for you within a couple of days it will cost you significantly more than if you need it two weeks. Cost is also dependent on what grade you would like to aim for, how many references you need and length of paper. The other down side to this is that if your 'writer' is producing your work from a different country they may be using or citing work that has not been translated into English. You may also be charged more for the paper to be checked by copyscape.