Tips for creating a solid math term paper

Math term papers are bit more difficult to tackle when compared to your usual writing assignment. This is because, with a math term paper, not only are you writing about a specific math theory you are also required to demonstrate that theory in action. Because most students do not have very much experience writing about math topics this can be a bit challenging.

Just like with any other term paper writing assignment the best way to organize your paper during the drafting process is by working from an outline. This way you can lay out the basic structure of your paper before you even begin writing.

When you do lay your paper out in an outline, use complete sentences. This is one of the best ways to save you time later on because you will already have the main ideas composed. When you begin to write all you will have to do is figure out a way to tie your sentences together.

Even though your are writing about math theories you still need to structure your term paper properly. Make sure that you include the important elements such as; introduction, body paragraphs with supporting evidence, and a strong conclusion.

Once you have described the theory in your introduction you're going to have to “prove” it within the body paragraphs. The way that you do this by solving three or more math problems using the theory and then using the math problems as the evidence support that the theory works. Just like when you write a term paper or thesis you must “prove” how the theory works! Do this by showing the math equation in application.

One thing that is different about a math term paper is that it leans more towards the scientific writing process, not language arts. This means that instead of using flourished descriptive language you want to use basic scientific language that is easy to understand. You want to be clear and precise so that the reader can easily understand the theory that you are presenting.

  1. Work from an outline
  2. Outline your paper using complete sentences
  3. Include all of the same components as you would in any other term paper
  4. Use three examples in your body paragraph
  5. Use easy to understand language to describe your process