Movie Review: "Priest" directed by Scott Stewart

Priest is an intriguing movie which can be characterized as horror-thriller with characters and ideas that are based on a fictional post-apocalyptic dystopia.  The setting concentrates on an alternate world in which humans and vampires are in constant war, and stars Paul Bettany as a catholic priest dedicated to protecting humans from the blood-thirsty vampires. As the movie kicks off, there is fear and despair among the people who are aware of the return of the vampires with the church leaders denying the possible existence of vampires until the priest’s niece is kidnapped, and his brother and wife are killed in the process. Although man has been fighting vampires for ages with all types of weapons, it cannot be compared to the retaliation brought back by the four-legged, monster-looking vampires possessing sharp teeth and immense speed. Therefore, the priests, who were earlier trained to fight the creatures, embark on a journey to retrieve Bettany’s niece and rescue the world from a possible blood bath.

However, it is evidently clear that the church is against the idea that Bettany chooses to go to war while they are convincing the society that, vampires do not exist any longer. From the observation made it is easier to note that, priests are considered as outcasts because of the crucifix that are tattooed on their noses. Similar to other citizens, they are also heavily guarded behind the walled cities where they are made to believe that going against the church is going against God. As a result, Bettany chose to go against the will of his leader, Orelas (Christopher Plummer), and is hence, said to disobey God. Bettany and the local sheriff, who is also his niece’s boyfriend, embarked on a rescue mission after whom they succeeded in killing a lot of newly bred vampires and proving to the church, and the society at large of the existence of the monsters. It is possible to derive a lot of concerns from the presentation of the movie based on the existence of the monster-like creatures and the barrenness of the land. Some of these concerns include the current timeline of the movie, and how further into the future the movie is produced, the power of the church in the set-up, ways in which people are able to sustain themselves considering the dry land.

Additionally, the movie can be a metaphor for what is happening in the society today, where the interests of the church are always conflicting with those of the political arena leading to disagreements which could result to war.