Refining the plan of your essay

Plan of an essay consists of many steps which include selection of topic, assessing your knowledge of the topic, constructing thesis statement, developing arguments, and concluding the essay. It is a long process which requires knowledge and skill in one place. But another important step in the process of essay writing is to refine the plan of your essay after you have once formulated the plan. Essay refinement will include the reassessment of following steps:

  1. analyze the thesis statement:
  2. The first step of the refining of plan of essay is to assess the thesis statement of your essay. You must see whether the statement you have constructed is really strong and clear. Does it clearly define what your point of view is? If you find any flaw in the thesis statement of your essay then you must correct it at once. There should be no ambiguity in your thesis statement.

  3. argumentation:
  4. Check the arguments that you have planned to write as supportive arguments for your thesis statement. Is every argument strong enough to convince the audience or reader? Will these make you essay stronger and interesting for the reader or are they boring. If the arguments are not interesting and do not contain any facts and figures related to them too then you should try to find some other arguments as well.

  5. structure and format of essay:
  6. Does the structure and format that you have chosen for the essay really suit your style as well as the topic of the essay? If ye then you have chosen the right format and structure for your essay.

  7. facts and figures:
  8. Does your plan include some facts and figures in your arguments? If not then you should try to find some. If yes then are they really relevant and strong enough.

    5 assimilation and connectivity of arguments:

    Do the arguments that you have planned for your essay connected to each other? One tip to make you arguments connected is to use words and phrases of continuation. They will enhance the unity of ideas in your essay.

  9. conclusion of the essay:
  10. Have you planned the conclusion right? The conclusion should bring together the whole discussion that has been made in the entire essay. Conclusion should also contain the restatement of your thesis statement because it gives a very persuasive and effective impression to the reader.