What not to do while writing your essay

  1. Using inconsistent tenses
  2. The first and foremost thing that is noticed in any writing is the use of tenses. Stick to the same tense that you have started with. Switching between tenses will confuse your reader and leave a very bad impression.

  3. Do not paraphrase the quotes
  4. It is very important to write someone’s quotes in inverted commas and mention to the reader that it is not your own words. This is a rule that you must know. When you paraphrase someone’s work into your own words without mentioning the real author it will be considered as plagiarism.

  5. Using open-ended sentences
  6. When you are writing make sure every sentence of yours has a subject and a verb. It often happens that when a writer starts writing a complicated sentence he loses track and ends up writing an open-ended sentence. Read your sentences aloud so that you may know where you have made a mistake in writing.

  7. The use of contractions
  8. Try not to use contractions in your text. If a quote involves a contraction then you may write it as it is but usually it is not very wise to use words like don’t cant wont in your text. You should rather write the full forms i.e. do not, cannot, will not etc.

  9. Use of second person
  10. When you are writing an essay try not to use first and second person in your text. You may use first person in the conclusion however it is not advisable to use second person. Instead of writing “you” you may write “one”. This will mean that the text is meant for a general audience and is not directed at a single individual.

  11. Spelling and grammar
  12. It is very important for your essay to look professional and be free of mistakes. Technology has made thing so easy and it is not understandable how people make spell errors when they have spell-checker already installed in the word. Make sure when you submit your essay it is free of errors and grammatical mistakes.

One thing you must remember is that using complicated vocabulary will not make any difference if it is not used in the right context. Do not get confused between using big or small words, use the words that are right. Use the words that make sense. Be very careful while writing your essay.