What Is a Good Exploratory Essay Topic: 10 Strong Suggestions

Exploratory essays are different from other research papers that students have to write. In this paper there is no need to argue for a particular idea. The main feature of an exploratory paper is that you have to look at one problem from different angles. Your purpose is to gather as much information as possible from various sources about the issue and let readers make their own conclusions.

It means that the best topics for exploratory essays are the ones that people often argue about. You can write about issues that aren’t agreed on yet, if you have enough information to do research on them. Here are some strong topics that can serve as examples:

  1. Do people have to live in harmony with nature or they can change nature at their discretion?
  2. In this essay you can discuss whether people should develop technologies or live simpler lives.

  3. Should people rely on nuclear energy or seek alternative energy sources?
  4. Do research on the alternative energy sources that can replace nuclear energy. Will it be possible in the near future?

  5. Evolutionary theory versus intelligent design.
  6. It is a topic that possibly won’t ever lose its relevance as there always will be believers and unbelievers. Gather arguments from both sides.

  7. Should people get married for love or is marriage of convenience better?
  8. Discuss what makes marriages stronger. Is it love or maybe a confidence in tomorrow?

  9. Does modern medicine allow the survival of too many people?
  10. This is a tough topic. Discuss whether it’s good or bad that modern medicine allows the survival of people who would have died without its help.

  11. Nanotechnology: a miracle or a disaster?
  12. Do research on nanotechnology and discuss whether it’ll help humanity or become another horrible weapon.

  13. Is it helpful for students when teachers use modern technology in their lessons?
  14. Investigate in your essay whether new ways of teaching are better than the old ones, or maybe it depends on teachers.

  15. Does online dating have any meaning?
  16. Discuss online dating, which has become rather popular nowadays. Does it really help in creating new families or not?

  17. Who has a right to decide what can be cloned and what can’t?
  18. This topic is your chance to discuss whether it’s ethical to clone humans. What are the possible consequences?

  19. Should all humanity unite?
  20. Does it make sense to divide our planet onto different countries when globalization already exists? Would humanity be able to distribute resources better if unified?