How To Choose Good Essay Topics For Heart Of Darkness

Heart of Darkness is an excellent literary text to base your essay on. It is easy and has been studied for years. Extensive study, however, presents a challenge when selecting a topic for a paper on Heart of Darkness. It is difficult to come up with an original idea. Even for the best student, original ideas are hard to come by. Here is a list of topics to consider when writing an essay on Heart of Darkness.

  1. What groups are exemplified by Joseph Conrad in Heart of Darkness and what are their differences or similarities
  2. Joseph Conrad uses proto-modernist literary devices. List and explain their importance
  3. What impact does the introduction of Kurtz fiancée has on the ending of the novella?
  4. What are the intentions of the author in changing the narration mode in between the novella
  5. What is the significance of water in different forms as shown in the book
  6. What picture does Conrad create of natives in this novella
  7. What challenges does the protagonist face in his quest from the beginning to the end
  8. The author has created a double audience through his narration comprising of the reader and the people listening to the narrator. What impact does this approach have on stylistics
  9. Kurtz is defined more by sound than appearance. Why is this important in developing his character
  10. At selected intervals, Marlow distances himself with the audience. Why do you think it is impossible for the audience to relate to his story or narration?
  11. What is the impact of having two competing heroes in Heart of Darkness
  12. What is the symbolic meaning of darkness as used in the title and throughout the novella
  13. What is the relationship between physical environment and mental health according to Joseph Conrad
  14. Kurtz does not have a last word yet lies to Marlow’s fiancée. How does this affect his character?
  15. What is the place of women in the novella considering the description of Kurtz African mistress and his intended

An excellent essay on Heart of Darkness requires you to thoroughly read the book. You will identify the areas of concern or interest to base your literary paper on. Failure to thoroughly read the text will result in weak arguments and misrepresentation of facts. If you are having difficulty selecting a topic for your essay on Heart of Darkness, consult your teacher. He will provide guidance and is available for consultation whenever you need assistance.