Where To Search For Well-Written Essay Samples Available For Free

Working with a sample gives you a particularly useful tool. This tool acts as a sample from which you can gather information and potential sources and it also acts as a template that you can follow. If you are unfamiliar with the formatting style that you have to use, you can look over multiple samples and simply cut and paste your sections into the corresponding sections on the sample. This will save you from having to properly format the paper. You can follow the citations both in text and in the reference page of the samples so that you know that you did it correctly. This is very important because following a specific format represents an average of 10% of your grade.

  • One place you can look is the Internet. If you are unable to find a sample through your school library, you can always try the electronic library database. This database might contain electronic copies of work that previous students have completed which you can use as a sample. If your academic institution does not have a library database or the library database that you have does not contain the sample you mean, you can always try an alternative academic institution. Just because you are not a student at Yale University does not mean that you cannot benefit from their website and the academic tools that they have posted. You can visit their website and look for samples on the exact type of writing that you have to complete.
  • If you are searching the Internet for a sample it is imperative that you use your better judgment and discernment. There is no regulatory body for the Internet which means that anyone can post anything without having to verify their authenticity or the authenticity of the document. If you are searching online it is best that you referred to websites which and in ".edu". These websites are highly academic and you can rest assured that any content you find on such websites can be used as a reference. Websites like this tend to be affiliated with an academic institution or an educational branch of the government. If you cannot find information like this from an academic site you might be able to find supporting information from a nonacademic site, one whose author has been verified as legitimate. However it is your responsibility to verify the authenticity of the author and the publication before you turn to it as a guide.