How to make your research question challenging

Making a challenging research question includes understanding the subject matter from multiple perspectives. The idea of presenting a question with a level of complexity includes getting some idea on how to present it from an unknown perspective. In other words, you may need to consider knowledge and insight of your audience to get an idea of what the question should be about. You may have unknown knowledge relate to it that is the answer no one would know or consider.

Ask about Something People May Not Know About

This is likely the most important aspect of creating a challenging question. You want to try and ask something that would make people ponder on potential answers. You want to keep the subject matter open but enough for speculation while maintaining a level of interest. You want your question to be answered but not too easily and something that requires more than a simple answer. You can start with what people may know about the subject matter and work your way out toward something that may be considered unknown.

Try To Present Your Question from a Unique Perspective

Sometimes you can present something people may know about but from a different side or viewpoint. If you take the time to think about the topic you may come up with a few potential questions. Answer the questions and think about how unique the content is. You may want to consider other aspects such as what you want the audience to know and the message you hope they receive from the content. There are questions that work to raise awareness on a problem and then there are questions that focus on redefining solutions.

Make It a Form of Continuation from Previous Research

This is a good way to engage your audience that may be familiar with the subject matter. In doing so, this allows you to bring in potentially new elements related to the subject matter. Your readers may have an idea of what you will present, but your question can be related to a concept previously explored. They may want to know if you can present something different or prove it to be true or false. A question of this nature may be challenging but worth the effort in some cases depending on the subject matter. Keep in mind your question can provide insight even on something that has more than one potential answer.