Academic Writing Tips: Organizing A Narrative Essay

When it comes to getting your narrative essay properly organized, there are simply no hard rules that students should strictly follow. In most cases, it is the story line that determines how the paper is organized. In as much as this should be a relief, it is rather a thorn in the flesh of some students. In order to end your frustration, this article will give you a general guideline on how you can organize your narrative academic paper with little or no stress.

The first step is starting with attention-grabbing opening sentence. If for example, you are writing a narrative about your encounter with a wild animal, you can start by writing thus “It was on a pitch-dark and eerie night...” Trust me, you just got your readers drawn and engaged that they can’t wait to read the whole story contained in your essay. To get a better grasp on what to do, you can make out time to read a few other samples to know what your school’s tutors expect from their students when it comes to writing narratives.

If on the other hand, your academic paper is built around a climatic sequence, then reserve the best for the last. This means that you should keep your readers in suspense and give them the bomb at the end of the paper. It works magic on your target readers. Then we progress to the structure of your paragraphs and how certain changes influence that structure.

Now when you are writing a narrative essay, every change in the story line leads to a new paragraph. On this note, the following brings up new paragraphs:

  • A new speaker emerges
  • A character changes
  • A different location comes up
  • There is change in time of action
  • A change in action
  • A change in mode of subject

All these changes go a long way in helping students properly structure their narrative essay papers, especially the body of paragraphs.

Conclusion: This is when you come to the end of your academic paper. Unlike other papers, the thesis of your narrative paper usually comes toward the end of such project. This is after you must have helped your target readers relish the experience through you. In summarizing the story, avoid going overboard so that your thesis will be very effective. Now you can see that writing and organizing your narrative essay can be a simple task if you understand what you should do.