10 Good Essay Topics about Drug Legalization

Mention drug legalization and everyone will immediately think of the controversy surrounding the legalization of marijuana in some states. Writing an essay on this subject provides you with an opportunity to show your instructor that you comprehend the complexities of the issue itself, and that you are able to form a position and support it with well-researched evidence. 

How to Begin

Whether your assignment is for an expository or an argumentative essay, your main goal will be to convince your audience that you are an expert on your position on drug legalization. With that in mind, choosing your specific topic concerning drug legalization begins with the demands of your assignment and your audience. Next, you need to ask yourself how you feel about the issue. Do you feel that any drugs should be decriminalized?  If your answer is a definite no, then your essay should focus on reasons why the public should not have greater access to any of the substances currently labeled as drugs. Focus on a few reasons that you can support with clear evidence, not hearsay. If, however, you feel some substances should be decriminalized, focus on one or two substances, giving clear evidence why decriminalizing these substances would be a positive change. 

Possible Topics  

When choosing your topic, try to avoid a topic that begins with the word “should.” It leads to an immediate yes/no answer, which limits the impact of your argument. Instead, write your topic as a definitive statement that you can then defend. Here are several positions that an essay could explore:

  1. Marijuana should be legal across the United States to create a uniform policy countrywide
  2. Legalization of marijuana will reduce arrests of otherwise law-abiding citizens
  3. Medical marijuana should be legalized countrywide
  4. Legalization of marijuana will bring much needed tax revenue
  5. The government would control production and distribution of marijuana, rather than criminals, if it were legalized
  6. The government has the right to protect citizens from harmful substances and actions
  7. Decriminalization of gateway drugs like marijuana will lead to increased hard drug use among youth
  8. Legalization of marijuana would not impact the war on drugs 
  9. Marijuana has negative health effects, so why should it be legal?
  10. The social costs of drug use would not be lessened by legalizing marijuana

The issues surrounding the legalization of marijuana open the doors to further discussion about the role of recreational drug use in our society.