The Most Promising Careers For Students Who Will Graduate Within The Next Five Years

The world population growth in ages has neither been of a constant growth or fall, it has however been of a constant rise and fall and hence made unpredictable. The world today is full of uncertainties, many opportunities comes and goes, people keep learning to survive the trend of societal changes, this changes are however unforeseen changes, the population rise and fall that causes this uncertainties has however makes it necessary for people to sit and ask certain questions about the future, people try to find out what they can do to survive the nearest future and keep their pockets filled so as to pay their bills.

Student career guide is among one of the most difficult task people face, career guiding involves looking at someone based on his capacity and telling what will be best for that persons future, as difficult as it sound, career guiding has helped a lot of persons in the world today, people have dived into the wrong careers most at times and pay the prices in one way or the other, however, effective career guiding have pushed most persons to the top. It have been heard that most parents have forced their wards into one career path or the other that do not end up well, this work is therefore posed with the task of providing information to the masses on the most promising careers for students who will be graduating within the next five years.

The world economic downturn and high unemployment rates can easily be seen today everywhere, when you pick up a newspaper, turn on a television set, boot a computer system all what you see is technology, by this one cannot help but notice the fact that not all industries have been hit equally, this means that, there are still a lot of industries with job growth and opportunities, this research work is done based on my point of view as a writer, hence it’s not by magic or like the work of a genius, neither is it a sooth saying but just a research work. Below are the five most promising career paths within the next five years;

  1. Laboratory Technician: Health workers stands better chances of great careers within the next five years, among this sector, Laboratory technicians or medical technicians holds the greatest opportunities, this health officials provides medical testing of many sorts as administered by doctors. The profession is promising as within the nearest future, the aging population will be high in general, aged persons are prone to bad health due to weakness, the laboratory technicians will therefore be needed for the task of various testing.
  2. Path: Becoming a Lab technician involves holding an associate degree or certificate from recognized vocational schools, community colleges and even some teaching hospitals.

  3. Computer Support Specialist: From a technological point of view, a computer support specialist contributes to the efficient running of business, he/she has the responsibilities of providing advices and support on gadgets to be used in the business place with types of software’s to run on the gadgets. The society is business oriented, everything done in the world today is for profit making, computer support specialist will highly be needed for business transaction even more in the next five years to come.
  4. Path: The path to this field requires earning a certificate, associative degree or bachelor’s degree in technology-related field.

  5. Accountants: From a financial point of view, an accountant helps smooth running of businesses in areas of budgets, audits, book keeping, taxes and many other things, the fact that the economy is improving, accounting is a very hot field and its graduate will hence be hot in the next five years.
  6. Path: The requirement to this path involves earning a bachelor degree in accounting.

  7. Dental Hygienists: Dental hygienists are responsible with the task of dental hygiene as they clean and examine patents teeth and gums, and teach them proper oral hygiene techniques. The need for a dental hygienist cannot be over emphasized as their services will be required by both the old, middle class and children.

Path: This path requires an associate degree or a certificate in dental surgery from an accredited institution by the Commission of Dental Accreditation. After school, graduates must get licensed in the state.

The list of promising careers in the next five years goes on and on, at the course of the research work however, the four careers above have been choosing as the most promising careers, proper counseling by a career guardian is however advised for anyone interested in any of the mentioned paths as a path that might lead to success for a particular person might end up to total destruction for the other.