Brainstorming good persuasive essay topics

Teachers and professors across all academic grade levels assign persuasive essays like doctor prescribe medicine. And, it’s not just the language arts teachers who are assigning the essays. Many students are surprised to find out that their history, math, science, and arts teachers are all assigning persuasive essays. They expect that their students already know how to write a persuasive essay. When your professors assigns a persuasive essay, you will most likely need to brainstorm topics. It can actually be fun to brainstorm good topics that will make your essay interesting to read and fun to write.

Brainstorm with Friends for Interesting Ideas

One of the most fun ways to brainstorm topics is with friends. Team brainstorming is most effective because you will be able to play off of each other’s ideas. Whether you brainstorm while all sitting together or you brainstorm through a Twitter or Facebook conversation, you will find that brainstorming with friends will create many useful topics.

Brainstorm on Your Own with an Idea Web

Since not everyone can get together to have a team brainstorming session, you might have to do some brainstorming on your own. It is helpful to have a starting point. The Internet offers many potential topic ideas that could be developed into new ideas. All you need to do is create a brainstorming web. You place the topic in the center of the web and then begin adding branches off of that center word. It is best to not control your ideas, but to just let the ideas freely flow. You should not censor your ideas because even the ideas you consider to be bad could inspire something brilliant.

Choose the Topics that Interest You

With the brainstorming web, you continue to build branches off of the other ideas that you create, so eventually, you have a page full of ideas. Once you feel exhausted of ideas, you begin looking for the ideas that seem doable to you. When you start to look for the ideas, use your gut to decide which topics you could actually write about effectively. Do not throw away any other ideas, because you could use them for other papers. If you have a writing notebook, you could add those to the notebook for use on other papers in the future.

After a good session of brainstorming, you should be able to find several topics that could create interesting persuasive essays.