Term Paper Tips: Tables and Figures

When writing a math paper, you are almost definitely going to be using tables and figures to explain your thesis. When used properly, they can be extremely helpful. However, too often, people use them incorrectly. They become a source of confusion or a waste of space.

Make Sure your Tables and Figures are Useful

Make sure there's a point to you putting the image in your paper in the first place. Was it accurately described in words in the paper? The visual aid might not be necessary. Remember that you are not just throwing the image in your paper to make it look technical and fill up space. It should be doing something.

Location! Location! Location!

If you decide to use a visual aide, you can't just throw it anywhere in your paper. Placement is important. It has to be next to the relevant part of your paper. If possible, it should also be in an area that doesn't break up text. Put it in the beginning or end of a paragraph.

Describe your Visual Aide

You can't simply input an image to explain a math concept. You need to explain what the image shows and how it applies to your topic. Of course, you will describe this in your paper very thoroughly. You still need to explain it in your image. Label things thoroughly.