Finding Accounting Term Paper Samples

It’s fair to say that most accounting students don’t look forward to writing a term paper. It’s a lot of work, and on top of that not everyone finds writing papers easy. Nothing is more frustrating than doing extensive research and building up a good understanding of the subject, then getting a poor grade because you couldn’t quite express your ideas clearly.

One way to get over this issue is to have a look at what other people have done. Thousands of accountancy students have managed to write successful term papers, and many of these papers are available online and even in libraries. Reading a selection of them is a great help in a number of ways.

  • Firstly, to be readable and informative a term paper should follow a clear structure. Looking at previous papers will give a good idea of this and help you decide what information should go in which part of the paper. Any essay consists of four parts - introduction, thesis, discussion and conclusion - and if you don’t get everything in the right place it will be confusing for the reader. It’s not always easy to explain how to do this, but seeing how others have done it can make it clear.
  • If you can find papers on subjects similar to the one you’re planning to write this can be a great guide to what is relevant and what you should leave out. Obviously your own paper will use your own sources, arguments and conclusions, but you can learn a lot by matching them with those of others and seeing how they were fitted into the structure of the paper.
  • Accountancy papers have their own formatting requirements that differ from some other common documents. Guides to formatting can be found online, but it’s often easier to understand when you can see an example in front of you. Bear in mind that your own college may have its own formatting preferences which you should use whenever there is a conflict, but otherwise sample papers can clarify what looks good and what doesn’t.
  • When looking for papers online it’s important to check the source. A lot of available sample papers are very well written and structured, but the internet isn’t famous for its quality control and there’s nothing to stop people posting their own papers even if they’re pretty awful. If you spot obvious grammar or spelling mistakes in a sample it’s best to ignore it and find another. A reputable source that indicates how well a paper performed is the best option.

Many students have come unstuck after being tempted to plagiarize a sample paper, but if properly used they’re an extremely valuable aid to producing a good paper yourself. If you’re not confident about your writing skills don’t pass up this great way to improve them.